stand still

why is it that I feel like I am stuck? I am 22 years old. I work full time and go to school full time so why is it that I feel like I am running in the same place? No matter how fast I am going or how many things I do to run faster at the end of the end I am standing in the same place. I want to be able to go as I please. take care of what I need to. relax when I want to. smile all the time. but how am I supposed to be able to do that when I am sharing a car with my parents and what I do has to go around what they do. I don’t even feel like I am moving my feet to go anywhere. often I think about how dreadful it is that sometimes im sitting at home wasting a day away when I could be out doing something. the world often comes to mind as well. they place laws and rules on us like vehicle inspection and registeration. I mean I know I didn’t ask for it but I have to do it or I get a ticket and with too many of those I could end up arrested. but if we are demanded to do something such as those why do they cost so much money. I cant stand the world that does nothing but demand. the cost of living in the world today is out of this world outrageous. I am thinking now that maybe I am doing something wrong. maybe I am handling life wrong. am I supposed to work all day every day to pay for these things that I don’t even get the time to enjoy. I also don’t understand insurance all together. we today have to have insurance for anything we own so we can be protected. car insurance, house. phone, computer. why do we treat matieral things as they were a child. you have to take everything for check ups and if something is wrong you have to take it to the “doctor” to fix it. and if you don’t have insurance you get screwed over because they do it half ass not 100% where you will either have to bring it back or feel like u have to get insurance or they wont even touch it. half of those things I need to do but cant because I am stuck at home because I cant get my vehicle inspected because I have to pay for food gas books to fix my vehicle computer and everything. I just cant stand it. you work in this world to either have everything and not ever enjoy it or you stay where your at. I just feel like I have so much inside of me that I can do and I have barely begun.


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