do you ever

Do you ever get that feeling of adventure? Like you just want to get up and go find somewhere new sit down and soak up the new surroundings. You just want to take deep breaths and dig your toes a little deeper into the sand or let your hands feel the wind. The atmosphere of a new place is just all together different. Like the air is lighter somehow. The wind is smoother. The sand is colder. You just get a over powering feeling of pure bliss. Then you just get that little crooked smile because everything else in the world has just disappeared and faded away; the noise of everyone is mute and its just you and the world. You get the chance to escape from everyday reality that is sometimes overwhelming and remember the beauty of the messy world we live in. I like to think that feeling is God surrounding us. I crave for that feeling. The feeling of pure bliss. I find myself sometimes daydreaming of just me with the windows down the air blowing down a road that ive never seen before; finding a place that no one will know me at and just scream and have my arms wide open spinning; sitting or laying in a filed of grass watching it dance in the wind or standing on a rock looking out into the unknown. Do you ever wonder about the wind in the places that are unknown?

If I got the chance I would fill my truck up be in my pjs with the windows down and drive until I ran out of gas and feel the wind.


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