throughout school I have a hundred little things that I do to keep myself from losing sanity. I’m going to sound like a typical girl but its the truth I love to shop but not like clothes but for little knickknacks for the house. That makes me sound like an old married wife trying to escape from my crazy kids. anyways as its getting closer to go back to school to keep my sanity I went shopping today and I think stores like to remind people its back to school time to get our nerves all up and anxiously over spend because were not thinking straight. I go shopping to get my mind off school then BOOM big sign that reads BACK TO SCHOOL DONT FORGET YOUR PENCIL with a thousand packages of pencils. Really I am a picky pencil person. I have to have mechanical and regular and with extra erasers and for the regular ones the soft pink erasers. its weird but being in college made me that way. who know you could you have a favorite pencil. but still after I saw that sign it made me freak out my mind started going through everything I needed to get and I swear to ya I walked around every aisle probably making a new list in my head down each one causing me to leave without a single thing I went looking for and without even a pencil. I wish they could keep their signs to themselves.


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