throughout school I have a hundred little things that I do to keep myself from losing sanity. I’m going to sound like a typical girl but its the truth I love to shop but not like clothes but for little knickknacks for the house. That makes me sound like an old married wife trying to escape from my crazy kids. anyways as its getting closer to go back to school to keep my sanity I went shopping today and I think stores like to remind people its back to school time to get our nerves all up and anxiously over spend because were not thinking straight. I go shopping to get my mind off school then BOOM big sign that reads BACK TO SCHOOL DONT FORGET YOUR PENCIL with a thousand packages of pencils. Really I am a picky pencil person. I have to have mechanical and regular and with extra erasers and for the regular ones the soft pink erasers. its weird but being in college made me that way. who know you could you have a favorite pencil. but still after I saw that sign it made me freak out my mind started going through everything I needed to get and I swear to ya I walked around every aisle probably making a new list in my head down each one causing me to leave without a single thing I went looking for and without even a pencil. I wish they could keep their signs to themselves.


new years for a college kid.

the start of a new year means more than just a chance to start over and the start of new goals. it means to a majority of 22 year olds Christmas break is almost over and Spring semester is coming up. Which means you have to find your brain again dust it off and plug it back in. Its not like you can even wait to do that until the day before class starts; you need a good week maybe even two to get everything ready for the next five months. Starting with making sure your classes are still the classes you planned on taking. BAD mix up last semester. Finding all the books required for your classes. If you have finical aid you have to do a book advance to even get your books plus making sure your aid covers the classes you are taking if not finding a way to make up some change really quick before deadline. Getting all your supplies for the semester. Getting parking permits or any other permits. then getting anything that you just need to get through the next five months without losing your mind. I actually feel bad for the freshman coming in. At I am a junior and know what I need to get or need to do. Supplies, permits, bottles of wine, books. The list goes on. Its not that I dread school I actually really like it its just after the first month the teachers lose their fire on being interesting to keep the kids in their class so they become boring. The other students go from being there everyday to their natural roles. Either skipping classes, sleeping, showing up half way through class, sitting at the front being a brown nose, or me the kind of student who is kind of there cares but doesn’t raise their hand that basically comes does what I need to and leave. So you have a month to make a friend for the next five months or a month to not make a friend and be silent and doodle for five months. The next two weeks are basically a slow ticking timebomb until you say goodbye to sleep, being normal, friends, your social life, freedom and saying hello to your friends that you know all to well headache, all-nighters, sticky note, energy drinks, sleepless weeks, being alone, constantly holding that conversation with yourself wondering what your friends from your old social life, sleeping for “fun” and so much more exciting things. My high school counselor deserves raise because she completely made college out to be something high and mighty, fun, parties all the time, basically high school and you can wear your pajamas. It is fun, and it is nothing like high school and you can wear your pajamas. Everything else is not what college is about. Well it is like a four year long party if you can handle that plus keeping up with college.  let the countdown begin to losing my sanity. Can wait. Story of a college kid.